The 5Rhythms®

What’s the name for a female master? A mistress? A womaster?
Gabrielle Roth had the audacity and pure human love to create this 5Rhythms dance practice in a spirit of mastery of her medicine and deep generosity.
Her son, Jonathan Horan, dancing bear is now keeper of this flame. 5Rhythms® website

‘The wounded healer in me knows that healing our driven selves comes from our ability to empower our bodies, hearts, minds, souls and spirits once more, bringing them in to vital unity. Spiritual healing means taking responsibility for being a whole person… Movement is my medium and my metaphor. I know that if a wave of energy is allowed to complete itself, it yields a whole new wave, and in fact that is all I really know. Riding these waves means joining the cosmic dance of love.’

Gabrielle Roth

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